About this Project BlogEngine Additions

Nov 26, 2010 at 10:09 PM
Edited Nov 26, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Hello All,

This site (blogengine07.codeplex.com) would be used mainly for the Source Code to work on code through

the Mercurial system.

Mainly for working on Custom code that goes beyond the scope of Widgets or Extensions.

Widgets and Extensions that need work done from more than one user would also use the Source Code system here.

The project main website is:  http://blogengine07.info/

The Goal of this project is to create a system of producing "Add-ons" for the BlogEngine.

Currently there is no organize way of producing "Add-ons" for BlogEngine.  Its just where people create widgets and extensions as they

need them for their own websites and then some times share it with others to use. 

There needs to be an organize system for creating "Add-ons".

This is the main goal of this project to create this system.

The basic ideal is this:

1. An End User submits an "Request" through http://blogengine07.info/ for an "Add-On" to be made.

2. Admin then reviews the request to double check if the "Add-On" currently exists.  If it does is it updated? If not then update the requested "Add-On" for the user. 

If the add on does not exists then the admin will update the status of the request to "Need Development"


3.  Now Coders can view a list of Requests that need development through the http://blogengine07.info/  website and
then pick "Self-Assign" the Projects or Tasks that they are interested in doing.

The Requests will be assign to a Project and within the project are tasks that needs to be done to complete the project.

So the coder can Pick to do the entire "Project" or can pick a task or tasks that are within a project.

This way there are no assigning of Projects to coders the coders pick which one and how much they want to do.


4. Once the Project is done then its released to its section for download  "Widgets, Extensions, Or Custom Code".  Also the requester would be notified about it being done and ready for download.


Another ideal is to have a list like for the coders but for the End-User where they can see a list of all of the requests being made that had

not been pick up from a coder to vote on it to make it appear higher in the coder list so that they see that its a feature that lots of users wants.

This is some ideals that I have for this Production System for Add-ons and this is only the beginning planing stages.

Your ideals and opinions are needed for this system and please add your input on what you think how this system should work.

This Project needs to be a "Community" Project and not a "One" person or a "Few" people project.  Every one can join in on this

project and have something to offer.



Editor:      Can help write articles and etc about BlogEngine

End-User:   Can help test the add-ons and provide valuable feedback.

Developer/Coder:  Help make the add-ons

Internet Researcher:    Research current "add-ons" out there to add to the database to make sure we are not making "add-ons" that are already made.  Also other tasks.

These are just a few ways which people can get involve in this project.

If you are willing to help then you can help with this project.  Does not matter what you do or don't know. 

Everyone has something to offer in some way.